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“Never ending travel across the world without a precise destination, without hurry”

Designer Gianlunca Santosuosso tries to capture the most luxurious gift in life, time, in this futuristic creation. He created a high tech and sophisticated as well as elegant hotel for never ending travel lovers. The MORPHotels, thanks to their linear structure developed around their “vertebral spine”, are able to adapt their shape according to the weather conditions and the site morphology. MORPHotels would be composed of capsules in which hotel rooms and other recreational areas are composed. The MORPHotels contain a swimming pool, restaurant, garden and even a helipad.

MORPHotel is based on four main strategies:

Space in between
The idea of the sea as a “space in between”, not only as a medium to move tourists from one place to the other like cruise ships do. Take advantage of the sea to discover unknown places.

Plug in city harbour
The shape of MORPHotel allows the hotel to become a temporary extension of the harbour of cities that are encountered during the tour around the world.

Adaptive shape
MORPHotel has an adaptive shape. This shape makes it possible for it not only to reach the harbour cities, adapting itself morphologically to the territory, but also to become it itself an independent aquatic organism. The whole spine is one kilometre long and can become a floating harbour during the long ocean crossings. By spiralling into itself and generating an artificial bay where boats and ships can find shelter, the harbour will be created.

Self sufficiency
One of the fundamental goals of the creator is to build a big, independent, self-sufficient artificial organism. The self-sufficiency covers several functional aspects of MORPHotel. Several systems create enevery (solar panels, production of energy through the movement of waves) that will be used to filter and store rainwater to use as drinking water. The gardens will serve as farms where food and rear animals could live.


I am definitely a fan of this brilliant creation. For more information of this amazing project, visit the website of Gianluca Santosuosso.



Website Gianluca Santosuosso
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