Niek in Nepal | The Whole Story | Part 10

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Niek is a 27-year old adventure seeker. This year he decided to climb the Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Together with his two friends Seger and Sander he left his favourite city on earth (Amsterdam) to make an attempt of climbing the highest mountain on earth. Starting from August 17 every Mondays and Thursdays his story will appear on

Niek in Nepal | The End | Part 9

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It was the day we saw the Ama Dablam for the last time. Most of the hiking days we saw the Ama Dablam and it had become my reference point. Sander joined us for breakfast but was still not eating much. He said he was feeling better but rather quickly he started to have a hard time again

Niek in Nepal | Running out of time | Part 8

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After walking for another hour things went worse. Sander started to vomit now. Seger and I divided Sanders backpack and I tightened my walking sticks against my bag so I could carry his in my hand. Pasang was putting some ORS (a combination of dry salts to help rehydrate the body) in a bottle

Niek in Nepal | Reaching Everest Base Camp | Part 6

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Anyhow, we arrived without any problems in Gorak Shep and after some Tibetan bread and a cup of tea we went on for another 2 hour hike straight to EBC. Just outside Gorak Shep you already see the big Ice glacier EBC is build next to. The glacier is the most difficult part and also the place where the most casualties fall during the summit expeditions.