Ciénaga de Zapata

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Cienaga de Zapata is also a biosphere reserve of UNESCO, located in the province of Matanzas. It is one big swamp with more than 900 plant species, 175 bird species and 31 reptile species, among which the Cuban Crocodile. Diving, snorkling and relaxing at the beach are the main attractions.


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” South West of Havana, Autopista Este-Oeste takes you to two pieces of heaven on Cuba; Las Terrazzas and Viñales. Natural beauty and resources decorating these areas. Along with the friendly Cubans you will have a true Cuban experience “


Rome | Colosseum“ When in Rome, do like the Romans. This open air museum does not make you want to do anything else. So much beauty to see, so many restaurants to discover. If only I had one year to spend here “.