” Havana, capital of Cuba and host of more than two million inhabitants. A terrific start of a journey through amazing Cuba. As soon as you leave the airport, it seems like time stood still. A decor of an ancient history movie. Everything is old; buildings, houses and people. The average car needs to be pushed forward the Flintstone way and more vehicles are stationed aside the road instead of on top of it. Fresh rain has just fallen down and a beautiful rainbow decorates the view. We drive into the narrow Streets of Old Havana while staring breathless out of the window of our cab. This country is completely different from everything we have ever seen before and easily exceeds our expectations. My heart is beating full of desire to discover this country “


” Old beautiful houses. Small alleys. Historical buildings, churches, restaurants with street terraces everywhere. Not to forget the orange trees and lots of people in the streets. It was my first meeting with Spain and it was love at first sight. I loved it and I wanted more. Let me summarize the main reasons why to visit Valencia “